Keep your camera updated

I get a new feature with my digital camera by updating it’s firmware, who knew you could update the camera?

It never dawned on me that me DLSR camera from Samsung would or even could be updated like my fancy mobile phone or my laptop computer. It never dawned on me but as I found out it can be updated and it was a pleasant surprise to boot.

I’ve had a Samsung NX10 for almost year and a half and have enjoyed it immensely. I have no real complaints except for the absense of a way shoot panoramic scenes. It’s not a big deal, I have a way to create panoramas from discrete photos by way of a Windows program called Hugin which works great. Still, there are times when I’d just like to take thise shoots and be done with it.

I went on the Samsung site and drilled down from the NX10 page to the downloads page to the firmware page. Found the latest firmware and the installation guide. The guide was simple as I expected it to be, obtained the firmware and had the camera use the firmware. After a minute the camera was updated and turning the camera mode to SCENE and I saw panarama mode with instructions on the screen. The instructions said basically shoot and move the camera, I clicked the shutter button and moved the camera slowly left to right surveying the room. The camera took perhaps 8 shots end when I clicked the bitton again. Hitting the review button I saw the stitched together long photo and felt the moment of satisfaction now knowing that I now had another tool in my little toolshed. Thr picture was really quite impressive and so is upgrading the firmware of the camera.

Have a digital camera, see if it can updated, you’ll appreciate it.

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