Stopping Skype’s HOME window from opening

So you log into Skype every time your PC starts and that darn HOME window appears too. All you want is your contacts list but there’s that window. I was wondering how to stop it and the options Skype makes available doesn’t seem to have a way to turn it off. Well the guy in this this blog entry described just how to do and it works well. I am repeating it here only for simplicy sake:

1. Close Skype
2. Go to c:\users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\roaming\skype\shared_dynco
3. Open file dc.db in notepad,delete its content, save and close
4. In dc.db file properties set it up to read-only and confirm
5. Return a folder back and go to shared_httpfe
6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 in file queue.db

Don’t forget, make these empty files read-only.

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