DIY Facebook Retargeting Part II – Configure Audience Rules

Configure Audience Rules

Now it’s time to start retargeting those people who visit your website and receive the cookie.

Step One: Name Your Campaign

Give your new audience a name and description. This doesn’t matter. It’s for your benefit to help you identify the campaign.

Step Two: Set Up Audience Shaping

This can only be done to match a page that already has a Custom Audience pixel installed.

You can choose to match all visitors by selecting “All website visitors” or you can only target people who visit specific pages on your website by choosing “People visiting specific pages.”

If you choose to set up specific pages, you will need to fill in a couple of other options to help identify the exact URL(s) you want to target.

You can also set up a number of rules that help you target pages on your website instead of specific URLs.

For example:

  • If you’d like to match visitors to any page, just click “All website visitors”.
  • If you want to match only your homepage, just choose URL, then Equals to, and then enter your homepage address including the http:// or https://.
  • To match a subdomain, choose URL, then Contains Any, and then add your subdomain such as

To match a specific page and exclude something else, you can choose URL and then Contains Any, then add the word you’d like to target. Then to exclude a word, click the plus sign and choose URL, then Doesn’t Contain, and then the word you’d like to exclude.

  • Use the + button to add as many rules as you need to target visitors the way you like.

Here is the complete table showing customization options as it appears on the Facebook website:

Step Three: Add a Retention Timeframe

Finally, select an expiration date for the audience. By default, it is set to expire after 30 days. This can be set anywhere from 1 day to 180 days. Once an individual has reached this maximum timeframe, they will no longer be targeted by your retargeting campaign unless they visit your site again, which basically treats them like a new visitor.

Next article is the last one, targeting the audience.

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