DIY Facebook Retargeting – Wrap Up

Wrap Up

Don’t be content to simply run ads and hope they are effective. Using retargeting can greatly boost the effectiveness of you adverting. You can rein in visitors who have shown interest and then left for some reason, giving you another chance at the sale, which is extremely powerful since most people take a while to make a purchase decision. And if they forget about your product before they buy, they’re usually gone for good.

Retargeting makes it easier to present your products to the same person multiple times without the need to get them to come back to your website or even get them on your mailing list. You can simply target them with laser-guided precision on a site they already visit many times each day – Facebook!

Facebook has made this almost brain-dead easy. As long as you are careful to install your tracking pixel and set up your rules and matching ads, you will be able to target those visitors like never before!

And best of all, retargeted ads typically convert much, much better than standard ads, so you have the real potential to skyrocket your income by using this simple retargeting system.

Good luck!


Here are some resources you may find helpful for learning more about Facebook retargeting:




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