How Facebook retargeting works

How Does Retargeting Work

Retargeting allows you to take visitors who have already visited your website in the past and perhaps didn’t purchase anything and bring them back for a second chance at a sale by using Facebook ads that deliberately target ONLY those people who have already been to your website in the past.

This allows you to get ads that are much more precisely targeted than any other type of ad could ever be, because they are based directly off proven data. Users have already shown an interest in related material.

How it Works:

  1. A customer visits your website, and a cookie is set in their browser.
  2. When the user goes to Facebook, they see an ad that is specifically retargeted to them based on their visit to that page.
  3. The customer may then come back to the site and buy.

So you may be wondering why you’d want to bid for an ad delivered to a customer who has potentially already viewed your product, when you already know they didn’t buy.

It’s simple. It gives you another chance to convert that visitor into a sale. They were interested. Otherwise, why would they have visited your page? But for whatever reason, they decided not to purchase at that time.

It may have been lack of money. It may have been that they thought the price was too high. It may have been some other element on your page. But for whatever reason, they didn’t buy.

This gives you a chance to retarget that user, perhaps converting them into a buyer.

Remember, it takes some people a few times seeing an ad or product before they make the decision to buy. This gives you multiple opportunities to target that user instead of just the one when they come to your site.

This also brings you another opportunity: to make changes to the product’s presentation (such as a discount, free shipping offer, guarantee, or some other tweaks) in order to convert the buyer.

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