Rooting my Asus Transformer (TF101) and one of those scarry moments

Rooting a new tablet can be scarry (what if I brick it?), so finding a set of instructions that worked the first time is key and that’s what I present for the Asus Transformer TF101.

I’ve put off getting a tablet until now and for someone who works on being up to date with technology this was difficult to say the least. The Asus Transformer was the choice tablet to get given performance and price. I’ll leave others to argue the pros and cons on this, for me this was a good choice.

One thing though, root access is required for some of the functions that my tablet would undertake. An example is this – running a video player on the tablet pulling a ripped DVD from a remote server on my lan. The remote server has a disk carrying my ripped DVDs (I rip my own DVDs so that I can do just this, watch them from my pc or tablet remotely). The server needs to be a device that Linux (Android if you will) can access and to mount devices that are not in the existing /DEV and /MNT directories requires root access.

Googling around a bit I found the XDA-Developers forums which had a number of articles/videos explaining how to root the tablet.

These are the resources I used:

Video instructions
A list of resources from XDA-DEVELOPER
The Revolution HD Rom you could use to replace the stock Rom.

I followed the video instructions and reviewed the other resources I’ve just pointed you too and found that it worked wonderfully well.

I didn’t try the Rom and include it here for reference and as a possible future assignment for myself.

Bottom line – this really did work and worked well. I now have root access and it’s allowed me to do, just as I pointed out, setup a mounting point to the remote drive and now play dvds over my wireless right to my tablet.

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